Comparison between Rolex Explorer and Tudor Ranger

When it comes to simple stainless steel time-only replica watches built to enjoy the great outdoors, brother companies fake Rolex and Tudor have great options – specifically, Rolex explorers and Tudor rangers. The overall design of both watches was inspired by past catalogues of their respective brands; However, they have been updated to suit today’s modern watch buyers. Today, we compare Rolex explorers and Tudor rangers to see how these minimalist sports watches compete with each other. To keep things objective, we chose the latest versions of two watches: the Rolex Explorer ref. 214270 and Tudor Ranger ref. 79910.
The Rolex explorer made its debut in 1953 to commemorate Sir Edmund Hillary and tenzing norgay as the first successful climbers to reach the summit of mount Everest. The oyster forever watch was given to the crew of the British Everest expedition in 1953, so Rolex seized the opportunity to formally introduce the explorer later that year to align the brand with the historic ascent of mount Everest. Rolex replica has made slight improvements to the watch over the decades, but its design features include a stainless steel oyster shell and an oyster bracelet, a black timepiece with Arabic numerals (3,6,9), a mercedes-benz style pointer, and an automatic timekeeper. The watch has been a Rolex staple since it was introduced in the 1950s.
Tudor, on the other hand, introduced the Ranger in the 1960s, also a stainless steel waterproof watch with a black dial and Arabic numerals. However, there are four Arabic numerals on the Ranger, 3, 6, 9 and 12, as well as an hour hand with an arrow and a second hand with a luminous rectangle. In addition to the dateless and dateless versions (called Oysterdate Ranger), Tudor also makes the hand-wrapped Oyster Ranger and the fully automatic Oyster Prince Ranger (interesting fact: the “Prince” tag on many vintage Tudor watches represents an automatic movement, much like the Perpetual tag on Rolex watches). The Tudor Ranger watch didn’t disappear from the catalog until 1988.
In 2010, Rolex introduced its latest adventure watch, the Explorer 214270, with a larger case size, a sturdy bracelet link and a new 3132 caliber movement inside. Unlike the previous 36mm version, the new ref. 214270 USES a larger 39mm oyster shell. The dial retains the black background of the mercedes-benz style and the 3/6/9 figures. As a modern Rolex watch, hour mark applications and features a platinum bezel. However, many believe the dial is too small for the new case because the minute hand doesn’t go all the way to the minute hand along the edge of the dial. So in 2016, replica rolex watches released an updated Explorer ref. 214270, which not only has a better ratio of hands, but also adds platinum 3, 6, and 9 luminance. Collectors often refer to this version as “Mark II” Explorer ref. 214270.