Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm VS Rolex Datejust 41mm

We have written a very detailed but to the point comparison of the replica Rolex Datejust 41mm and the Rolex Datejust II. Both series have great timepieces, but there are some obvious differences that you can read about at another time in that article. Today, however, we’re going to review one of the models in the Rolex Datejust 41mm collection and compare it to the Oyster Perpetual 39mm to provide you with the key information you need to see which one is best for you. Let’s get started right away, shall we?
Of the more than ninety models of the 41mm Rolex Datejust available, the model numbered 126300 Black Index Oyster is probably one of the most popular for several reasons. We will compare it to a very similar looking Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm 114300 Black Oyster.
First of all, these are what most people would call excellent entry-level Rolex replica watches, and they make up two of Rolex’s ten most affordable stainless steel models for men. They both have a black sunburst dial, and by design, they are conservative models that can be worn both when dressed up and for casual use.
Why is it called the Oyster Perpetual Motion? The patented Oyster case has been part of Rolex’s history since 1926, when a new seal was provided by screwing the bezel, case-back and winding crown to the middle case of the watch.The name Perpetual is due to the automatic winding that occurs with the movement of the wearer’s wrist. The kinetic energy of the wrist movement winds the rotor in the watch movement, thus refilling the power reserve. This in turn makes the watch run in a permanent way. Hence the word perpetual.

Preferred Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Ref. 4947/1

With the new 4947/1A, Patek Philippe is offering an annual calendar with a round Calatrava-style steel case. At 38mm in diameter, it is right in the sweet spot of what many enthusiasts consider to be the ideal size for a formal watch, and comes with a matching steel five-row strap. It is a beautiful replica watch, although it is not the first 4947, a reference that Patek Philippe has previously used for women’s references, with diamonds on the crown and bezel. Aside from the fact that this circular annual calendar is in steel, what is surprising is that this time, at least based on anything I have seen, Patek Philippe has not assigned this watch to any gender. Quite the contrary, Patek Philippe says the 4947/1A’s 38mm size will fit almost every wrist.
I haven’t seen this metal watch, but I’m inclined to agree. As for the rather indistinct blue pattern on the dial, whether any man or woman would be attracted to it has little to do with gender and more to do with personal taste. If it weren’t for the bracelet, it would qualify as the shared watch of choice for couples.
Come to think of it, it reminds me of the blue-toned window dressing set I bought for a trip to the Kentucky Derby in 2013. This fake watch would go well with that suit. Or, to be honest, that suit would look great with this watch. It makes me want to lose 15 pounds, erase the clothes I bought to work with horses, and make it to Louisville in a few weeks.
The annual calendar is one of those watchmaking mechanisms that lives in the cracks. It is not complicated, but it is more important than a simple date window or moon phase.
Much of replica Patek Philippe’s modern reputation comes from the perpetual calendar – it’s the one PP complication I can see with my eyes closed, and maybe a chronograph on the side. The company had the good fortune or foresight to create a simpler calendar with a few more wishes than the usual full or complete calendar. While extremely affordable versions of annual calendars are ubiquitous today among entry-level and value-oriented brands, I still have a special place for the OG annual calendar, which was invented by Patek Philippe in 1996.
This formal annual calendar, with a strap that reads “wear me all the time, not just with a suit,” is the kind of complication that leans toward the casual side of the function and might even stop people from obsessing over the 5711 for a while. WATCH. The blue dial even has a motif.

Benefits of Bulk Buying From Ladies Designer Jeans Manufacturer

Did you know that India’s garment industry is worth over Rs 1 trillion? Of the total production, 75 per cent is consumed within India. The apparel industry in India is as old as India itself, so we have mastered our work. Now, with fashion and time, the industry has also matured and started manufacturing what the market demands. Therefore, there are many reasons why you should consider buying in bulk from manufacturing units in India. jeans
We all understand the basic concept of economies of scale, so every industry follows this concept. If you buy jeans wholesale in bulk, it will cost you less. Anything that falls in your budget is always a good idea because it won’t heavy on your wallet and will give you a quality product at a very reasonable cost.
Buyingdirectly from the women designer jeans manufacturer would offer you the real quality of the good without being touched by any other hands. Fabrics and final productsare inspected properly by a separate team to keep the quality of the manufactured product.
Since the product comes directly from the factory, it also maintains the originality of the product in terms of design and quality. We know that in today’s world, copies of every brand are available in the marketplace at a comparatively low cost, so when it comes directly from the manufacturer, you can be sure of the quality of the delivered product.
You can buy from a variety of options that are not even available in the market. You won’t have any restrictions on the availability of options because the manufacturing units will have all the stock and not like the retail/wholesale units.
In order to stay competitive in the market, manufacturers are constantly updating themselves with the latest designs and trends in the market, so you have access to a whole range of the latest collections. Why settle for less when you are paying your hard earned money? So, you will get a variety of options to create your own style.
Blue Eyes is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of girls jeans from China. The designers at Blue Eyes are very experienced so they are well taken care of the comfort and trend of fashion in the market. You can buy in bulk from Blue Eyes at wholesale prices and are assured that the quality of the product will be delivered. You can buy from our latest collection of various ranges.

Men Should Avoid Mistakes When Wearing Skinny Jeans

Whether you are a man or a woman, the right pair of skinny jeans can determine your outfit for the day. Here are some common mistakes that men make when wearing tight blue jeans that you should keep next to your closet to avoid a fashion faux pas.
When buying skinny jeans, try to choose something that fits your body shape better. There is a fine line that look too small that you never want to cross between stylish cheap wholesale jeans and jeans that look too small. Those with a heavier figure may choose slim jeans over skinny jeans to flatter the figure, while a thinner person may choose skinny or super-skinny jeans.
You might think that all blue jeans are basically the same color and can be worn for any event and occasion, but it is not ture. Dark skinny jeans are more versatile for the right occasion, while light colored jeans will look strange and inappropriate for formal occasions.
Your skinny jeans may be your outfit, but your shoes can spoil it. After you slide your skinny jeans on in the morning, make sure you’re picking the right style of shoes. Skinny jeans draw more attention to your shoes than other pants, so make sure you choose shoes that are appropriate for the occasion and completes the look that you’re going for and doesn’t delve into a whole new one.
If you have ever walked down the street and found someone looking up and down with a twisted face, you might feel guilty about the taboo against skinny jeans. As a man, wearing wholesale jeans can make you look and feel stylish and comfortable. However, there are a few things you should do to ensure that you are wearing skinny light blue jeans appropriate for the best look and feel.

Will Wright

Twenty years ago, a video game that you could neither win nor lose was inconceivable – unless you were Will Wright. With five years of college under his belt and no degree, twenty-something year old Will had the idea of creating a game based on designing and building cities. In achieving that goal, Will created a new genre in gaming and within it, one of the best-loved game franchises in history establishing Will Wright as a visionary within the world of video game design.

The idea for SimCity struck as Will was designing his first game, Raid on Bungeling Bay (1984) a game in which helicopters attacked islands. Realizing he preferred building islands to piloting attack ‘copters, Will partnered with “idea guy” Jeff Braun to create a company known as Maxis and they released SimCity in 1989. With SimCity the mass market got its first real taste of a simulation game, and they were hooked! The word-of-mouth acclaim swirling around SimCity ultimately attracted the attention of Newsweek, and a full page story on the game cemented SimCity’s place in entertainment history. An entirely new kind of video game genre, focused around open-ended, non-violent gameplay was born!

Maxis followed up the surprising success of SimCity with a string of popular simulation games throughout the 1990s. Titles such as SimEarth: The Living Planet (1990), SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony (1991), SimCity 2000 (1993), SimCopter (1996), and SimCity 3000 (1999) introduced simulation games to hundreds of thousands of new fans, demonstrating the genre’s true potential.

Still nobody was prepared for the phenomenal success of The Sims. Will, who studied architecture in college, originally conceived of the game as an architectural design simulator. To “score” the quality of the design, he added tiny people who would inhabit the buildings. These simulated people quickly stole the spotlight, and Will realized that watching the lives of the Sims unfold was the real entertainment. Again, his instincts were right. Released in 2000, The Sims was the best-selling PC game of of 2000, 2001, 2002, and 2003, until it was dethroned by its own sequel The Sims 2, which quickly established itself as the best selling PC game of 2004. Popular console, handheld and mobile phone versions of the game have contributed to the huge success of the franchise, which has sold more than 58M games, life-to-date.

The Sims and its expansion packs and sequels have become a cultural phenomenon and solidified Will’s position as a gaming-industry legend. His honors and accolades include making Entertainment Weekly’s “It List” of “the 100 most creative people in entertainment” and Time Digital’s “Digital 50” in 1999, receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Game Developers Choice Awards in 2001, being named #35 on Entertainment Weekly’s Power List in 2002, becoming the fifth person to be inducted into the Academy of Watch Interactive Arts and Sciences’ Hall of Fame that same year, receiving the PC Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 2008 was honored with the first-ever Spike TV Video Game Awards’ Gamer God Award.

Spore™, Will’s latest achievement in video games, has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors such as Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New Award,” Popular Mechanics’ “Breakthrough Award,” PC Magazine’s “Technical Excellence Award,” and TIME Magazine’s “50 Best Inventions of 2008.”


There are always many projects underway at SFC. Here are some completed and released projects.

Bar Karma
“When one door closes, another one opens. And when that door opens into the most mysterious bar in the universe, strange things begin to happen.”
Read More at Current TV.

“Bar Karma is the first online community-developed network television series. Online users pitch their own ideas for scenes and twists online, using a tool replica designed by Will Wright called the Storymaker.”
Read More from Wikipedia

Ant Farm Revolution
“The revolution has begun! It’s time for a whole new way to look at ants. First, watch as these tiny architects sculpt their gel habitat into a 360° work of art. Then, sit back and watch your ants “crawling” on the ceiling as the Ant Farm Revolution projects giant shadows of your ants.”
Read More at Uncle Milton.


Stupid Fun Club

Welcome to the Stupid Fun Club


Across a land hardened of past, Before the hazy cloud of future, We state to you, the artists, creators, consumers, deciders, technologists, and sentient ones, our words of stupidity, our ideas of fun, and our intentions of club.
The world is an ever expanding sphere of knowledge with paths going in every direction like lightning splitting infinitely into the black universe. As animals we choose our path, consciously or not, causing reactions that effect ourselves, other beings, the economy, the environment and ultimately the universe. Every choice that is made has mammoth consequences, given time, and as humans one can only assume responsibility for certain somatic outcomes. Checking email, going to work, eating dinner, spending time with family, and participating in hobbies are basic goals that many humans share. These goals, though they may seem minute in relation to the universe, are humanly possible, for humans can only be humans and nothing more while operating unassisted.
Technology (computers, robots, and science) has advanced quite rapidly in the past 50 years and will continue to grow exponentially. It is difficult for most to keep up; this will only get harder as time passes. Therefore, as a company, and more importantly as a club, the Stupid Fun Club (SFC) strives to work for the human and for the robot in creating complete symbiotic unity between the two. It is paramount that the SFC and it’s members (cadets) complete this goal as it is necessary for the survival of the Earth-centric universe; including human, animal, plant, rock, soil, water, gas and atmosphere. We therefore attest the following:
FIRST: Robots are our friends.
SECOND: Cadets and robots make an alert decision to work in unity.
THIRD: Cadets attain the following characteristics; stupidity, funness, and club solidarity.
FOURTH: Stay above and beyond the evolution of technology.
FIFTH: All forms of technology, no matter how old, are treated with respect.
SIXTH: Use technology consciously to spare the environment any unnecessary stress.
SEVENTH: Form an anonymous army; perpetuating SFC ideals, not promoting them.
EIGHTH: Provides products not opinions, and shall be kept from public controversy.

To the unity of man and machine.

  • Stupid Fun Club