Price of Rolex Submariner and Rolex Datejust

Both the Datejust and Submariner are available in a range of metals, and the two collections vary greatly in price. In general, the Rolex Submariner is more expensive than the fake Rolex Datejust – whether purchased brand new at retail or second hand on the pre-owned market. With this in mind, the price difference between Submariner and Datejust watches widens significantly in the pre-owned market because of the different levels of demand for each model.
With demand far outstripping supply at the retail level, the Rolex Submariner has dreaded waiting lists at dealers around the world, and in some cases, customers have even had to wait to get on the waiting list. This shortage has prompted many buyers to turn to the pre-owned market, where there is rarely a shortage of brand new models, but where you can expect to pay anything up to twice (or more) the official selling price. The situation with the Datejust is quite different. Most pre-owned replica Rolex Datejust watches sell for roughly the same price as the original retail price, but you will rarely see a Datejust sell for hundreds of dollars more than a brand new Rolex model.
In addition to the model itself, there are other factors that can significantly affect the open market price of these two watches. While details such as bezel type and dial color certainly affect the price of a pre-owned Rolex Datejust watch, the premium associated with the highly sought option is only a fraction of what is available on the open market for the Rolex Submariner line of replica watches.
There is no safer horological investment than a stainless steel Rolex sports watch. The Submariner you buy today can be sold years from now for about the same price you paid – even if you paid a premium to skip the waiting list. In some cases, its value may even increase.
As for Datejust, because of the variety and ubiquity of its collection, there is rarely a shortage on the open market that can drive up resale costs. As a result, depreciation usually plays a larger role when comparing new and pre-owned Datejust examples, especially the precious metal and gem-set versions. Nonetheless, Rolex Datejust watches have always had a glass floor above which they will never fall, so they remain a good investment option, and given enough time, they tend to appreciate in value.