Custom Logo Pencils – Styles for any Seasons

The business world seems to be moving away from the humble pencil. After all, the rise of the promotional pen is one of the 20th century’s stories, just as the rise of the Internet and electronic information is the 21st. So why should promoters take old-fashioned pencils seriously and spend a portion of their marketing budget buying custom branded versions of these ancient writing tools?
There are many different types of pencils, most of which have a promotional application. For example, a standard HB-style pencil is a great gift for children. One of the real advantages of pencils over other writing tools is that they have an almost unlimited shelf life. We all know that ink in pens sometimes dries out, or that if stored long enough in the wrong environment, a refill won’t render the pen useless. One of the great advantages of pencils is that they always write.
Just sitting in the closet for a few years doesn’t affect their ability to put your ideas on paper. That’s why governments around the world tend to use pencils as part of their ballot papers to mark the electoral process. Even in Australia, when one comes to the local polling station on an election day, one can choose to mark the ballot paper with a pencil. The Australian election commission prefers to use pencils and they can continue to do well in storing and dragging their big day form votes and all they need to do is improve a bit.
We all know that golf is a popular pastime in business class, so hosting a golf day or handing out wholesale promotional gifts related to golf is an effective way to get executives’ attention. An essential accessory for any successful golf tournament is a custom branded golf pencil. Each player has to mark his CARDS with his own score and his opponent’s score.
In a world where entertaining kids takes up a lot of adult time, of course, in the business world, making sure kids are occupied so adults can talk business is one of the areas of activity that marketers have long considered important. Of course, if you give someone’s child a thoughtful gift, they’re more likely to appreciate it. That’s why custom promotional products colored pencils are a great complement to any collection of marketing materials.
A carpenter’s pencil is something very different. As a writing tool, it has a unique shape and style. Carpenter’s pencil is an ideal branding opportunity for the construction and real estate industries. Of course, if the pencil’s flat, wide-edged design helps a lot, it will ensure the brand’s superior branding, which is hard to ignore even from a distance.